No I in Team

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So at TFC 3 the results didn’t go the best for Sixth Sense MMA, Winning 2 fights and Losing 4…

A piece of advice I gave every fighter before they stepped into the cage was to have fun as their is no point in doing anything but. Losing is obviously not easy but getting in the cage or ring in the first place is unique in its self. The guys have worked there balls off for weeks training for there fight and for months on the skills to be competent enough to step in there for that they can hold their heads up high.

Wins for Michael Taylor and Adam Proctor were a high point along with the courage of Ryan Pourhana who has not long turned 16 standing in front of his opponent after taking some clean shots and seeming unfazed before being caught in an exchange and his opponent capitalised, Darren and Joe were caught early in there fights and in a game where you train for 8 weeks to catch each other out their opponents deserve credit. Kev Riley lost a decision in what was seen by many as fight of the night.

You can’t win them all, but to me we are all winners every day you come to the gym or do something you enjoy!



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TFC 3 will see many members of Sixth Sense MMA stepping into the cage, With 5 Fighters representing on the night and others who train at the gym its going to be a busy night.

Darren Straughan  now 3-0 will be fighting Shaun Taylor 4-1 who is a strong scottish fighter from the Lycans gym.

Joe Mcnally and Ryan Pourhana will be making there semi pro debuts, Joe having a amateur record of 1 win 1 draw and 0 losses. Ryan stepping into the cage for his first fight at TFC3

Kev Riley and Michael Taylor will be fighting amateur rules over 3x3minute rounds Michael with a victory in his debut at TFC2 and Kev like Ryan having his first MMA fight September 4th.

Other fighters who have been down to the teams home at the South Shields Fight Factory include Steven Lock of Nxgen VT and Adam Proctor of Section18 MMA.

What do you know about your current opponent?
Not a lot really. Just that’s he’s got a blue belt in bjj and trains at Byker. Oh and a well known heavy handed cagefighter said “he’s good on the floor like but I sub him” whilst downing bucca bombs a few weeks ago…

Your original opponent pulled out was the change hard to deal with?
It was quite frustrating, but he did have a very valid reason. I too have suffered from tendenitis and it took a long time to recover, maybe even 10 minutes of stretching so I really sympathise with the lad. I suppose it’s for the best as he was apparently going to “dominate” me anyway!

What was the best part of your fight preparation?
I enjoyed most of it to be honest, if I didn’t I’d be picking a different hobby (maybe tiddlywinks), but getting a nice blackeye as a leaving present from Eddie NG before he left for Singapore was a good experience.

And the worst?
Probably avoiding shit food as I’m a sucker for cake! It doesn’t help either when Alex buys half of asda to eat beside you in the cinema while you’re stuck with some nuts and Greenlife.
Oh and the conversation I just had with my granma about if I’m “still doing fights” was pretty brutal!

Do you think fighting semi pro with ground and pound will benefit fighters looking to step up and fight Pro?
Yeah it’s definitely a big help. Ending up on the ground is a hell of a lot different when someone is trying to smash your face in – just ask Dennis Hallman!

How do you see the fight going?
Well I’ll probably open up with a double overhand right to double leg as I’ve seen that can be quite effective. Or then again I might just jab his lips off for a bit and see what happens.

Do you feel outmatched considering your opponent is a blue belt in BJJ?
Not really as we won’t be wearing our pyjamas on sunday. Plus I’ve heard blue belts aren’t too hard to come by these day and even xfactor contestants are dishing them out.

Have your fight shorts arrived yet if not is it true your going to wear Muay Thai shorts?
No, after over a month of waiting and several bitchy emails they still haven’t arrived! Thai shorts may be an option, or if they don’t arrive by saturday I might just get a bikini wax and go speedo shopping!

Anything you would like to share (even the Gary stee story)?
Just to give a big thanks to everyone who’s helped me to prepare! Instead of telling the full story I’ll just leave you with the moral and the infamous photo… “if a random good looking girl on facebook is asking you to meet her, don’t! It’s probably 3 arseholes in an office that should be working

For a long time in my training I had no intention of wearing a jacket and pants or a karate suit as I called it and opted to train in shorts and tshirt. With no understanding this was my opinion of what BJJ was all about so for this reason im going to inform you of what I found out about BJJ as over the last year I have had a change of heart and learned to appreciate BJJ in its purist form.

The Gi can be your worst enemy and many people’s best friend, it can slow a fast guy down and it can increase your leverage over a stronger foe or training partner, one thing for sure is rolling in the Gi makes you hot and claustrophobic, here is my 2 cents on why training in a Gi is useful for MMA

1. Training in a Gi will improve your nogi escapes due to the friction caused by the Gi (submission or more importantly position)

2. Emphasis on control in the Gi can transfer over to nogi and MMA due to the increase in control required to transition

3. Base and balance are 2 of the biggest areas of Improvements I made from training in a Gi, with the varies in control your partner has base is very important so you don’t get swept. This can not just improve your top game but also your wrestling.

4. Fight training is monotonous so training in a Gi in your down time maintains your training and competitive edge with a bit variation

As a convert to training in a Gi I preach the benefits as it has improved my game and it will improve yours. If you have the time and access to a Gi or money to buy one spend a little bit time training or just rolling in a Gi to try for yourself.

This weekend I have joined in with a seminar with 5 x Mundial (BJJ World Championship) winner, the things I learned from Robson not only from the seminar but in a discussion over food about jiu-jitsu and life will no doubt have a great influence on me.

That brings my limited Gi experience to having trained with 4 x  BJJ black belts this year and 3 of them world champions (Robson Moura, Marcelo Garcia and Leo Negao), the other my close friend and MMA fighter Peter Irving who promoted me to blue belt. One day I hope to be good enough to be recognised as a black belt in BJJ as a well as a succesfull MMA fighter and coach.

Fight Fest!

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In a few weeks time 2 members of Sixth Sense MMA will make a step towards competing professional rules, Adam Hawyes and Darren Straughan will be fighting with ground and pound on August 14th at the Park Hotel in Tynemouth. Both have 2-0 records in MMA Darrens both being semi-pro fights winning via submission, Adam with a tko and a submission in an amateur contest.

Adam Hawyes started training as I first started teaching back in the days of Westoe Shootfighters. Winning his first fight via submission in the first round against a much larger opponent. Adam waited before his next fight due to academic commitments, then spent some time sharperning his skills and helping with coaching before fighting semi-pro and won via TKO in the first. Now looking to step up and fight with head shots on the floor before one day competing as a professional.

Darren Straughan has a 2-0 Semi Pro record both via submission, Darren also trains with Thai Boxing coach Nick Hands at the Unity gym, dedicating a lot of time to training often needing told to slow down or rest rather than being motivated. Darrens ambition to improve such as traveling to both Brazil and New York is why he has accomplished so much in so little time.

Change to timetable

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As of Saturday the Teen Class will be cancelled with all teenage students able to attend the normal classes this will make Room for a Team Sixth Sense session for those fighting in the near future.

12-1 Fighters Class (invite only)
1-2 Jiu Jitsu Sparring Class

July through to September is going to be a busy time for comepetition, there is several MMA shows including the return of TFC.

On July 24th Alex Enlund (Coach at Sixth Sense) will look to go 6-0 against Dave Campbell for Headhunters Gym Scotland. (Tickets Available at the Gym)

The next week 31st July sees the launch of Submission Mission hosted by Danny Mitchell (all may enter this event)

On the 14th of August Darren Straughan will be fighting on Fight Fest in Tynemouth.

4th of September sees the return of TFC at its new home of Hedworth Hall South Shields, Michael Taylor, Joe Mcnally, Ryan Pourhana, Section 18s Stu Bailey and Adam Proctor whom both train at Sixth Sense and Steven Lock of NX Gen VT will all be on the card!